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Independent Consultant and Executive. Providing uncommon answers to common questions.


I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, and I help IT and Telco service companies generate new business through new ventures, products and services.

Both big and small companies come to me when they feel the urge to have an outsider give them an opinion about the state of their company, the market and the industry. They want to hear how the game's changing, how they're positioned, what they can offer to excite their customers over the next few years, and who can help them do it most effectively.

In other words how can they create new value and capture their fair share of it, and which other partners might they work with to make this happen sooner, or in time with the market.

Not only do companies come to me with these questions, but I also go to companies with these questions and some answers even when they didn't know they had the questions.

Customer's tell me that I have out of the box, strategic thinking - which is needed as they change or beef up their customer value propositions, and sales & marketing approach.

"We hired Walter to complete a technology audit, but he gave us much more -- he has the ability to identify business opportunities that benefit all sides, creating networks of customers, suppliers, investors and intermediaries. His breadth of knowledge and willingness to push himself beyond the brief are tremendously valuable." Zenon Pasieczny, Director, Saphet Capital Management.

Perhaps that's also why I was invited to join the ICT Strategy Board of the State of Victoria, as the first independent External Advisor, working with the newly appointed CIO. They wanted my large corporate experience, plus my wider views of the industry, and knowledge of how things are made to happen in large project and commercial organisations.

I've been lucky enough to have evolved an IT organisation through all stages from internal consolidation, shared services commercial preparation, commercial launch, success in the market, and then sale to a major global player - to Computer Sciences Corporation. Over that 10 year cycle we transformed internal thinking IT folk into savvy marketers and project managers with strong commercial skills.

Since founding my business in late-1999 I've sought new and innovative companies from across the globe to create new alliances and opportunties in Australia.

Most recently I visited Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Finland, London, Berlin, Lisbon and Silicon Valley in this regard, on behalf of my clients and at my own initiative.

Its also been my pleasure to work with George Hara in relation to Defta Partners' portfolio companies in Australia, and now to help build the World Alliance Forum. I am also an Associate of MTGP based in Europe and specialising in digital media venture development.

My typical assignments are short and effective and my relationships long and committed.

I completed an MS in Computing Science, and hold 6 Australian patents, and attended the Advanced Management Program at the Mt Eliza Business School. A long time ago, in 1980 I was a founder of the IS Auditor’s Association in Australia.

Community: Awarded Friend for Life by Berry Street Refuge and Community Centre, for contributions over a 20-year period.

My recent public engagements: speaker at an Advanced IT Outsourcing Conference; Invited Dinner Speaker, Australian Telecommunications Network and Applications Conference "ATNAC 2003" in Melbourne, Australia; and in Tokyo a Panelist at the "Japan Mobile Rocks" Business Round-Table Event April 2004.


Reinvented Business Model for (Australian) Systems Integration & Consulting Line-of-Business of a Top-5 global IT services provider.

Designed and delivered a Strategic Vendor Partnering Plan for a mid-sized IT reseller and their major vendors.

Due Diligence Review of Intellectual Property of a software company on behalf of a listed Australian public company.

Channel and partner management in Australia for a Japanese Engineering company with a new software-based product.

Business, Marketing and Funding advice to a Convergent Multimedia appliance developer (based upon innovative SIP and Universal XML technology).


Download a choice of CVs and photos from my website, click here: Walter Adamson


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